Middlesex County Revitalization Commission

MCRC encourages and stimulates economic development in Middlesex County by providing low interest loans and grants to small businesses in the region.


The Middlesex County Revitalization Commission was created by a special act of the CT General Assembly in 1993, with a mission to encourage and stimulate economic development in Middlesex County by providing low interest loans and/or matching grants to small and mid-sized businesses in the region.

The members of the Middlesex County Revitalization Commission (MCRC) are the chief elected official, or a designee, from each of the fifteen towns in Middlesex County, plus a representative from the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce.

Business Operating Grants Program

Starting in the spring of 2023, applications will be open for the Business Operating Grants Program.

The grants will provide financial assistance to business owners so that they continue operations, and maintain, and grow, employment opportunities for Middlesex County residents.

Grant funds are intended to support ongoing operations and mitigate anticipated, or unanticipated, business interruptions, including those caused by planned and ongoing road/infrastructure projects in Middlesex County, such as the Haddam/East Haddam Swing Bridge reconstruction project.

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For further information on MCRC, please contact Rebecca Mead, MCRC administrator, at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce.

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